ADU 01243: Does the SD card you utilize actually matter?? What are presently the very best SD cards?

Today’s program has to do with a well talked about subject here at Drone U and likewise in the drone world. It has to do with SD cards however it deserves having a look at SD card thinking about all the brand-new advancements in the tech world.

Our concern for today, from Tom, who wish to make clever option on the purchase of an SD card and how pilots can make educated getting choices based upon the setup of the SD card.

Initially, we check out the most essential element of SD cards, that of understanding and separating in between read and compose speeds and how understanding these can help in making the best SD card purchase.

Next we check out why pilots need to prevent buying SD cards from discount rate markets such as Costco and the experiences of pilots (consisting of Paul) who acquired SD cards from such shops. We likewise check out the significance of ‘Classes’ for SD cards and how SD cards are identified for Classes.

Last but not least we comprehend why it is an excellent technique to several SD cards for each drone application and how having adequate backup SD cards can assist drone pilots on the field.

You do not wish to miss this one!

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[01:22] Discover Drone U’s experience training
[02:09] Today’s concern on making clever SD card option for all function requirements
[05:15] Comprehending the requirement to separate in between read and compose speeds
[06:33] Why purchasing SD cards from discount rate market are a bad option for pilots
[07:36] Class of SD cards and the markings on SD cards that matter
[08:50] UHS class and their significance for reading and composing information

[11:12] Purchasing different SD cards and utilizing backups for keeping information dependably

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