An appealing end to 2023 

Live Livestock Export Summary – December 2023

December was the greatest month for the 2023 season for live livestock export drains of Australia with 86,696 head reported delivered throughout the month, the very first month this year that volumes had the ability to move above the five-year typical pattern.

This represented a 44% boost on the volumes reported exported throughout November 2023 and brought the overall live livestock export tally to 673,630 head for the year. In 2022 there were an overall of 600,024 head so the overall live livestock livestock export volumes for 2023 represents a 12% boost in trade circulations.

A summary of the leading trade locations is detailed listed below.

Indonesia– Showed a better photo in the last quarter of 2023 with December handling the greatest month-to-month trade streams on record for the year at 58,250 head pressing the month-to-month tally above the typical pattern for the very first time this year. Sadly, due to Indonesian electioneering there have actually been no licenses provided to Australian exporters up until now in 2024, so the strong end to 2023 has actually not equated into a firm start to this year. In spite of the strong surface to 2023 typical month-to-month exports to Indonesia for many years reveal that Indonesian need for Aussie live livestock had to do with 30% listed below the five-year typical pattern for the year.

Vietnam– There was a fairly constant end to 2023 for circulations of livestock to Vietnam with month-to-month circulations balancing about 12,500 over the last quarter of the year. Nevertheless monthly other than July saw export volumes to Vietnam listed below the five-year typical seasonal pattern so the need for Aussie livestock to Vietnam ended the 2023 season almost 37% under the five-year typical pattern.

China– It was a rather unstable end to 2023 for Chinese need for Aussie livestock with month-to-month trade volumes varying in between very little circulations to around 15,000 head monthly for the last half of the year. Typical month-to-month trade throughout the while year was available in at around 6,500 head monthly throughout 2023, which has to do with 44% under the typical month-to-month circulations seen throughout 2022 and 41% listed below the five-year typical seasonal pattern.

In regards to market share Indonesia kept the leading location throughout 2023 with 53.5% of the overall trade, or 360,093 head delivered from Australia for many years. This is a minor decline from the 56.4% of the trade they caught in 2022. Vietnam saw a boost in market share from 9.7% in 2022 to 18.8% in 2023 as more competitive Australian livestock pricing saw their need return. This better market share equated to a boost in yearly livestock volumes from 58,242 head in 2022 to 126,930 head in 2023. On the other hand the Chinese market share of overall Australian livestock exports slipped from 23.4% in 2022 to 11.7% in 2023. This corresponded to a drop in volumes from 140,651 head in 2022 to 78,723 head in 2023.

In regards to port of exit from Australia the last tally for 2023 programs that almost 37% of livestock left from Northern Area ports, 23% left through WA ports and 23% headed out through QLD ports. The rest (circa 17%) left from all other ports, of which the bulk was from Victoria (which represented a little over 14% of overall circulations).

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