The ‘Painful’ Concept of Scientific Benefit

Up until a couple of months earlier, we ‘d never ever become aware of the Journal of Controversial Concepts, a peer-reviewed publication whose objective is to promote “complimentary questions on questionable subjects.” Our research study generally didn’t fit that description. We lastly discovered of the journal’s presence, nevertheless, when we attempted to release a commentary about how modern-day science is being jeopardized by a de-emphasis on benefit. Obviously, what was as soon as anodyne and unobjectionable is now controversial and outré, even in the difficult sciences.

Benefit isn’t much in style anywhere nowadays. We have actually seen this in the pattern amongst researchers to evaluate clinical research study by its adherence to dominant progressive orthodoxies and in the growing hesitation of our organizations to employ and money researchers based upon their capability to propose and carry out interesting jobs. Our intent was to protect recognized and reliable practices of evaluating science based upon its benefit alone.

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