The current Cook’s Trip sees Tim racing to India

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Fresh from being found on Sunday at the yearly Coachella music and arts celebration in California, Tim Cook is currently in India on a trip taking in the brand-new Apple shops.

Coachella and Apple return a long method, and this weekend, Prepare took the 476 mile journey from Apple Park to be there. He simply then right away took an around 8,700 mile journey to be in Mumbai on Monday. (* )Vada Pav is a vegetarian junk food meal, like a potato fritter, from Maharashtra, the Indian state that consists of Mumbai. Cook’s dining buddy is star Madhuri Dixit Nene, who with her other half has

in 2015

, too– he’s bring a water bottle. It’s a music celebration and he’s on water– which may be how he can look so fresh after what’s generally a 22-hour flight from California to Mumbai. Cook’s trip is fixated the opening of Apple’s initially 2

Apple Shops in India ever, and in addition to taking in the regional foods, he’s utilizing the journey to consult with the nation’s Prime Minister.

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