You’re absolutely thinking about a tri-folding collapsible phone

Samsung tri fold foldable concept MWC 2023

Hadlee Simons/ Android Authority

A type aspect like this would permit much bigger folding screens, however would you purchase something like this? We positioned that concern in our newspaper article recently, and here’s how you reacted.

Would you purchase a tri-folding collapsible phone?


Over 2,500 votes were cast in this survey, offering us a good sample size to deal with. It ends up that 50.51% of participants stated they would purchase a tri-folding collapsible phone.

We can comprehend why some individuals would be on board with this kind of type aspect. It would permit a much larger folding screen than existing Fold-style foldables, which use 7-inch to 8-inch inner display screens. So this would be perfect for those who desire a tablet replacement or portable screen

On The Other Hand, ~ 26% of surveyed readers stated they ‘d “possibly” purchase a tri-folding collapsible phone. Lastly, 23.44% of surveyed readers stated they would not purchase a gadget like this.

We can comprehend the care, as the Z-shaped style implies a substantial part of the inner screen is exposed when folded and utilized as a phone. That unlocks to scratches, as folding screens are constructed of plastic. Otherwise, we ‘d think of that a gadget like this would likewise be thicker and much heavier than even the Galaxy Z Fold 4


  • Shizuma: Purchasing a tri-fold phone would greatly depend upon how they do the fold, as displayed in that idea would be a difficult pass as that external screen would get very scratched extremely rapidly getting put in pockets/purses, nevertheless if it folded so the screen was secured and there was a second glass covered screen for phone usage then I would be interested.
  • hos in chi minh: It took Samsung 3 generations to exercise the kinks in the Fold line, so while I ‘d absolutely purchase in eventually, I ‘d most likely wait and let others pay the early-adopter tax very first.
  • SyCoREAPER: Going to be too thick to be the replacement I was expecting though it is precisely what I desire, a phone and tablet together. They can’t get the routine Fold thin which sadly has a square element ratio, not perfect for media.
  • Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin: I can’t assist however believe that rollable screen gives way more sense than this triple folding screen. LG have actually revealed the total expediency of rollable smart device. All it need is to get extra screen for a really legitimate tablet size.

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