Mauritius Telecom T3 Subsea Cable Television Lands in Mauritius

Mauritius Telecom T3 Subsea Cable Lands in Mauritius

Mauritius Telecom enhances its very high-speed web connection with the execution of its 3rd subsea cable television of the current innovation, the T3 cable television. Mauritius Telecom (MT) revealed the landing of the T3 cable television last Friday, on March 24. The contracted provider ASN and cable television ship CS Teliri linked the very first end of the cable television to the landing station in the south of Mauritius (Bay Jacotet).

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Mauritius Telecom Subsea Cables

Mauritius Telecom is continuing its financial investments to support the digital improvement of Mauritius, therefore is its financial investment in a 3rd subsea cable television. Submarine cable televisions work as a foundation for financial advancement, functioning as digital information connections. Worldwide, 98% of worldwide web traffic travels through submarine cable televisions. According to the declaration by the business, Mauritius Telecom is currently running 2 fiber optic submarine cable televisions, SAFE (South Africa Far East) – 13,500 km cable television and LION (Lower Indian Ocean Network) – 1,060 km cable television, commissioned in 2002 and 2009, respectively.

Mauritius Telecom Third Subsea Cable Television – T3

Mauritius Telecom states it has actually bought a 3rd cable television, T3, to diversify its digital roadways. The T3 cable television at first links Mauritius to South Africa and provides increased redundancy and resiliency. As an outcome, the durability of MT’s submarine telecom facilities is guaranteed, and service disturbances are reduced in case of cuts in existing cable televisions.

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The T3 cable television, which is 3200 km long, has a capability of 18 Tbps and increases the overall offered capability while providing low latency. As an outcome, Mauritius Telecom can accommodate the increased needs of customers and services. The T3 cable television has a life expectancy of 25 years.

According to the declaration, after laying the T3 cable television in Mauritius, the cable television ship Teliri will continue its path by laying the submarine cable television to South Africa. The commissioning of the T3 cable television is set up for completion of 2023.

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