Apple postpones AR glasses development in favor of cheaper mixed reality headset

Apple has indefinitely postponed development on its first AR/VR glasses. The device was supposedly going to launch a couple of years after Apple’s mixed-reality headset’s debut.

Instead, the Cupertino giant is now focusing on building a cheaper version of its AR/VR headset. The device could debut in 2024 or early 2025.

Apple’s sleeker AR glasses are no longer in active development

Compared to its AR/VR headset, Apple’s AR glasses would have had a lighter and more sleek design. However, the company has postponed its development after facing technical issues, claims a Bloomberg report.

Apple initially wanted to launch the AR glasses in 2023 but delayed its launch to 2025. But now, the company is focusing on its lower-priced AR/VR headset, which should debut a couple of years from now. The Cupertino giant’s first headset could cost around $3,000, making it exorbitantly expensive for general consumers.

Apple plans to use a lot of cutting-edge components on its AR/VR headset, which could help justify its high price tag. This includes an array of sensors, a dedicated AR/VR graphics chip, an M2-like SoC, up to 8K high-resolution displays, and more.

For the follow-up cheaper mixed reality headset, Apple intends to use economical components used in the iPhone to keep the price in check. This could also include using lower-resolution displays and cheaper materials.

Almost all of Apple’s 1,000+ Technology Development Group is working on the company’s first two AR/VR headsets. Some smaller teams are still looking into technologies that can be used in standalone glasses should the company eventually decide to launch them.

Apple’s second AR/VR headset could cost the same as an iPhone

Most AR/VR headsets in the market cost around $1,500, so Apple might also want to price its lower-priced headset in the same ballpark.

The Information reports Apple has discussed pricing its affordable headset around the same price as an iPhone. The headset is still under active development, with the company ramping up its efforts since last year. So far, Apple has not yet created a working prototype of the cheaper mixed-reality headset.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also claimed previously that Apple’s cheaper AR/VR headset could arrive by 2025. For now, the focus is on the company’s first AR/VR headset, which should debut later this year.

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