ADU 01229: How to Buy the Best Computing System for Your Drone Business

Mac or Windows? Laptops or Desktops? What are some of the best options for drone pilots?

Today’s show is about the best computer options available for drone pilots.

Our caller for today, Cody is, of course, a drone pilot who is scouting for the best and most affordable computer system.

So, what are some of the main things that Cody should consider when buying a computer for his drone business? How can he get the maximum bang for the buck?

To answer Cody’s question, we first discuss the all-new Macbook Pro, and whether or not it is a good buy for professionals.

You will also learn how the ongoing chip shortage coupled with the surge in cryptocurrency mining has led to skyrocketing prices.

So, as a drone pilot, should Copy opt for the latest Apple laptop? Or should he go for desktop-based GPU’s like Alienware?

For all this and much, much more, don’t miss out on this show.

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  • [03:03] Today’s show is about the best computing systems for drone pilots
  • [04:18] About the ongoing chip shortage and its impact on computer prices
  • [04:50] How to gauge your work requirements and select the right computing system
  • [05:35] Is the Macbook series a good option for drone pilots?
  • [07:15] Getting the most out of your Apple laptop
  • [08:40] Laptop based GPUs vs. desktop based GPUs – which is the best option for drone mapping and modeling


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