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What if you could access all your data and execute all your analytics in one workflow, quickly with only a small IT team? CDP One is a new service from Cloudera that is the first data lakehouse SaaS offering with cloud compute, cloud storage, machine learning (ML), streaming analytics, and enterprise grade security built-in. Data practitioners can now produce end to end analytic pipelines through one service. It provides a complete set of capabilities to ingest and persist data in a secure manner, and prepare it for a broad range of analytics techniques from SQL to Python to R. 

Built on innovation and experience,it is designed to make both data practitioners and expert developers more productive. CDP One democratizes insights so companies can achieve faster time to business insights  to create data-driven innovation. It is a simple, yet powerful, cloud service that will accelerate data science programs with built-in enterprise security and machine learning (ML). It also requires zero cloud, security, or monitoring operations staff for a dramatically lower TCO and reduced risk. 

CDP One Built on Firsts

CDP One is built with the same Cloudera technology that was rated better for analytic and operational use cases by leading industry analysts than the point product vendors or point services from hyperscalers. CDP One also provides a number of ‘industry firsts’, including:

  • First data lakehouse SaaS offering with cloud compute, cloud storage, ML, streaming analytics, and enterprise grade security built-in.
  • Zero Ops functionality that enables fast and easy self-service analytics on any type of data without the need for specialized ops or cloud expertise.
  • Only data platform with built-in capability to ingest data from on-prem to the cloud.

Readily Accessible Data Ingestion and Analytics

Sophisticated data practitioners and business analysts want access to new datasets that can help optimize their work and transform whole business functions. Traditionally, it all starts with onboarding and transforming the datasets and then building analytical models that create business value, which can take weeks or months. With CDP One, this can happen all in one day, for almost immediate results. Business users can now be faster and more agile as they respond to new ideas, market changes, and use data to drive business decisions.  

CDP One enables companies to produce data products that offer data and analytics to more end users than ever before – it’s designed to enable both expert developers and low-code data analysts to get more value from their data. 

Scarce resources, exponential data growth, and a distributed workforce are only speedbumps and not showstoppers if your data strategy is built on a foundation designed for unmatched freedom to choose any analytics, any data – without worrying about underlying infrastructure or cloud deployments.

Having a simple, yet powerful, service such as CDP One is a huge competitive advantage as data is foundational to a company’s growth. The insights gained fromAI/ML, visualization and analytics are what drive future value. Rapidly onboarding new and interesting data and incorporating it into the analytics process is a critical part of helping an organization become data driven. Traditionally provisioning new data feeds and moving models into production environments can take weeks if not months. Setting up proper security, configuring transformation jobs and then moving the models into production is a time consuming process. In a fast paced world where time is value this is not tolerable. With zero-ops, users can now build and onboard their own data sources and analytics.

Take Ops to Zero

Zero-ops means self-service analytics across the entire data lifecycle – from ingestion to machine learning – on any type of data without the need for specialized operations. This saves an immense amount of time and resources by not having to navigate, orchestrate, and monitor a highly complex architecture. 

Focus on developer agility, bypassing operational complexity, with integrated capabilities such as:

  • Zero downtime upgrades. 
  • Automated infrastructure provisioning.
  • Fully managed environment configuration and monitoring.

Don’t worry about rightsizing cloud compute instances for workloads. 

CDP One is the simpler option for companies that want to move workloads to the cloud without the time, cost, and complexity issues of modernizing existing infrastructure and upgrading security features.

Secure By Design

Analytic pipelines can contain highly sensitive data, which require tight security layers that slow everything down. In CDP One there are comprehensive security and governance capabilities built-in that allow centrally managed data policies to be consistently applied, ensuring that all data access is in line with corporate policy and regulatory requirements.

CDP One also employs a wide range of security capabilities such as intrusion detection, prevention, and intelligent anomaly detection to ensure that all data is kept secure.

This includes:

  • Network and perimeter security.
  • Secure single tenant cloud infrastructure.
  • Establish information assets for increased usability, trust and value leveraging all metadata.
  • Granular, dynamic, role and attribute-based security policies. 
  • Encryption through Kerberos backed authentication and strong cryptography.
  • Move data and workloads between deployments easily while applying consistent policies.
  • Enterprise-grade auditing, lineage, and governance capabilities applied across the platform.

Accelerated Data Science at CWT

An example of a Cloudera customer leaving the heavy lifting to the service is CWT. The company is one of the largest travel management businesses in the world, but has a small technology team. Using CDP One, the team at CWT was able to accelerate data science for their end users.

“We needed to build a data lakehouse to enable more users to run analytics on their complex and sensitive data, but didn’t have the right expertise to manage it, or time to hire additional resources,” said Gordon Coale, senior director, enterprise architect for data at CWT. “CDP One was truly the right solution at the right time, rapidly delivering secure and compliant global data science and advanced analytics. CDP One was ready to accept data in just two days, and some use cases went into production in just four weeks. And we did not need any new staff to make this happen.”

Democratize Insights, Not Just Data

  • CDP One dramatically simplifies and democratizes data discovery, accessibility, and insight generation across the organization to create a data and insights driven culture and mindset. The only fully integrated advanced analytics and AI software in the marketplace today with governance and fine grained security at its heart.
  • Now organizations can cover all aspects of the data lifecycle, including governance, through a single user interface that drives economies of scale across data operations.
  • All cloud, security, and monitoring operations are included for dramatically lower TCO, reduced risk, and faster time to data insights.
  • An accelerated move to the cloud is possible because there is little need for specialized cloud skills. 

As you can see CDP One is a game changing cloud service that accelerates data insights and drives tremendous corporate value all the while lowering TCO and providing world class security.

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