Missing woman who plummeted 200 feet in car was rescued thanks to iPhone’s Find My

On December 26, a woman who had plummeted 200 feet below the roadway in her vehicle was found and rescued by the San Bernardino County Fire Department after her family used her iPhone’s Find My feature to locate her. According to reports, the family members grew concerned when they hadn’t heard from her after she left a family gathering and used this iPhone feature to check her location. When they saw the map indicating that she was off to the side of the road they called for help. 

The vehicle was found “over the side & well off the roadway.” It’s believed that the woman was likely in the car overnight following the crash. Since it was 200 feet below the roadway, rescuers had to set up a capstan raising system to lift her up to a waiting ambulance. According to a Facebook post by the San Bernardino County Fire Department (opens in new tab), the woman had “serious injuries” and “crews initiated advanced life support (ALS) interventions” before transporting her to a trauma center. She is currently being tended to. 

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