Get nearly half off this refurbished Lenovo Chromebook, now under $150

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You don’t want to be tethered to your home office desk in a remote working world. That flexibility to work from anywhere is too enticing to pass up. If you want to take advantage of being able to work from libraries, coffee shops, or even overseas, you need technology that can keep up with a form factor that can take a beating. That’s why a Chromebook is such a compelling option for remote workers, and this refurbished Lenovo laptop might fit the bill at just $142.99.

This 2018 Lenovo Chromebook is a budget-friendly option for anyone looking for a way to work efficiently from anywhere. Equipped with an Intel N3450 processor and 4GB of memory, it offers outstanding performance whether you’re using it as a laptop or a tablet. You can efficiently multitask, working across multiple spreadsheets or windows at the library, and then convert it to a tablet to continue working when you’re on the train ride home.

This Chromebook also has a built-in Intel UHD Graphics 500 card that supports high-speed image and video processing so that you can edit the odd photo or video here and there. With 64GB of storage space, you can store your preferred files, photos, videos, and music, while the Windows 10 Pro 64-bit operating system extends your access to thousands more apps to get more out of your computer. And, of course, it offers WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 to get online and connect to external devices. It’s the perfect laptop for a flexible lifestyle.

Why should you pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for technology that doesn’t fit your work situation? Instead, gear up with a refurbished Lenovo 300E Chromebook for $142.99 or 44% off. It’s been previously owned but returned to the factory and fixed up to work just like new!

Prices subject to change.

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