ADU 01257: Where can I find Inspire 1 batteries?

Today’s question is from Jonathan, who has recently purchased a used Inspire 1 along with accessories and batteries but is finding the batteries being unable to hold their charge during flights and would like to know where one can find Inspire 1 batteries and how one can assess them.

We first answer Jonathan’s question if the Inspire 1 batteries he possesses have any life left in them. We then talk where he can find Inspire 1 batteries and if 9 marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay are worth utilizing for purchasing an Inspire 1 battery.

We delve into 2 important aspects of drone batteries that pilots need to know about and share the hack of rental services that allow pilots to rent batteries prior to purchasing them thereby allowing pilots to validate and check a battery before spending $$ on them.

Watch this short and quick podcast covering important aspects of drone batteries that will help you avoid the anxiety of purchasing batteries for legacy drones like the Inspire 1.

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[1:20] – Today’s question on the Inspire 1 battery issues
[2:23] – Assessing a battery’s performance based on voltage reading
[2:53] – Inspire 1 batteries on Amazon/Ebay – are they of value?
[3:25] – 2 things to know about used batteries
[4:17] – Renting batteries before purchasing pre-owned batteries

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