ADU 01287: Are there opportunities in the surveying world for DSP’s?

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Today’s show is about providing services to surveyors. Our question for today is from Jamie, who would like to know if its worth providing drone services to surveyors or if it is better to provide services to sites directly. Thank you for the question Jamie.

We address Jamie’s question by talking about the complexities involved in providing services to surveyors and why we believe it is not worth to offer services to surveyors. We discuss challenges in accuracy, GCP usage and the barriers in translating drone processes to valuable work for surveyors. We also discuss issues such as working for a surveyor and what services can pilots with surveying experience provide.

Tune in if you would like to know more about offering services to surveyors and the challenges therein !!

Tune in today!!

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[01:47] Today’s question on providing services to a surveyor or flying for a site job
[03:24] Why it is not worth providing services to surveyors and what are the issues in this business model
[05:25] Additional insights on surveyor assistance by drone pilots including geo tool usage and accuracy
[sop-timestamp time=”[10:00]″] What can drone pilots with surveying experience provide services on

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