#Clouderalife Volunteer Spotlight: Glaucia Esppenchutz

Cloudera’s November Volunteer Spotlight is Glaucia Esppenchutz, staff data engineer, based in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Glaucia volunteers with Free Code Camp, an organization founded in 2014 that helps aspiring technicians learn to code for free. 

Through the creation and publication of videos, articles, and interactive coding lessonsall freely available to the publicFree Code Camp is able to reach and train millions of people annually. Moreover, since they are not a bootcamp and offer their resources entirely for free, their materials are easily integrated into and utilized by bootcamps globally, further expanding their reach. However, this means they rely entirely on the contributions of volunteers, such as Glaucia, to advise on curriculum development and to mentor learners. 

Glaucia answered learner questions on the open forum, mentored students, and translated articles into Portuguese, ensuring aspiring technicians in her community had access to the full range of resources Free Code Camp provides. 

“It was meaningful to me to be able to give knowledge freely to people throughout the world and in my community, helping people gain skills needed to get a job and improve their life.”

Cloudera recently announced a new focus on tech jobs of the future. As part of our commitment, volunteering opportunities similar to the one Glaucia participated in will be made available to Clouderans across the globe. When asked if she encouraged her colleagues to participate in such events, she responded unequivocally, “Yes, having knowledge of something isn’t worth it if you don’t share it with others.”

Glaucia first started volunteering with Free Code Camp when she heard about it from peers in the coding and technology community but now that she is involved, she is hooked. “Once you see how even a small amount of work can impact someone’s life, it’s hard to stop volunteering. It is critical to keep spreading information and including more people in the tech world.”

At Cloudera, we are committed to supporting Clouderans and the causes they care most about. The passion of Clouderans like Glaucia reinforces our commitment to reskilling for the tech jobs of the future and emphasizes the importance of creating opportunities for our global workforce to mentor people interested in joining high-growth tech professions that may otherwise be inaccessible. 

Learn more about Cloudera’s Reskilling for the Tech Jobs of Tomorrow initiative and follow along on our blog for updates on the pilot year of our program.


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