Mythic Quest spinoff Mere Mortals coming to Apple TV+

Apple TV+ said Thursday its hit show Mythic Quest, a workplace comedy about a gaming company, will hatch a spinoff series called Mere Mortals.

Calling the new show an “extension series,” Apple TV+ said it “will explore the lives of employees, players and fans who are impacted by the game.”

Mere Mortals series will spin off from hit comedy Mythic Quest on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ noted in a press release that the new show will follow the lead of some of Mythic Quest‘s most-acclaimed episodes — one-offs that stepped outside of the show’s usual settings and plots.

One example is the episode “Backstory!” It expertly filled in the early triumphs and tribulations of Mythic Quest‘s head writer, the washed-up sci-fi author C.W. Longbottom, played by F.Murray Abraham (too bad he later left the show).

Here’s how the streaming service described the upcoming series:

Mere Mortals will explore the lives of employees, players and fans who are impacted by the game. The new extension series takes a page out of the acclaimed departure episodes of Mythic Quest, including the upcoming episode “Sarian,” set to make its global debut on Apple TV+ this Friday; last year’s “Everlight,” the special episode that earned a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Narrator for Anthony Hopkins; season one’s “A Dark Quiet Death”; “Backstory!” from “Mythic Quest” season two; and, the widely celebrated standalone episode, “Mythic Quest: Quarantine.”

The eight-episode first season has no release date yet, and Apple TV+ did not identify its cast members.

Familiar faces behind the new show

The new series is written by Mythic Quest cast member Ashly Burch, who plays Rachel on MQ, along with John Howell Harris and Katie McElhenney. Megan Ganz, Rob McElhenney (Ian on MQ), David Hornsby (David Brittlesbee on MQ) and Charlie Day serve as executive producers, among others. Lionsgate, 3 Arts Entertainment and Ubisoft produce the new series.

As for proud parent Mythic Quest, it recently received an early season three and four renewal, Apple TV+ said.

Apple TV+ is available by subscription for $6.99 a month with a seven-day free trial. Or you can get it on any tier of the Apple One subscription bundle.

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