London’s Mandara Capital Closes Doors After 13 Years in Oil Trading

A London-based oil market-maker and derivatives trading company, Mandara Capital, remains in the procedure of unwinding operations, the business’s creator informed Bloomberg on Thursday.

Recently, 2 sources knowledgeable about the matter informed Organization Expert that Mandara Capital was closing down operations after 13 years in business of derivatives selling crude and fine-tuned items.

The business’s creator Muwaffaq Salti validated the report to Bloomberg today, however decreased to elaborate on the factors for the unwinding of business.

Mandara Capital was established in 2009 by Salti, who was formerly international head of fuel oil trading at JP Morgan Chase. Before signing up with JP Morgan, Salti was a trader in oil and products at other Wall Street giants, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

In Might 2010, Mandara Capital began trading unrefined futures and fuel oil derivatives.

While the London-based derivatives trader is closing down, the greatest traders of physical crude and other products have actually been generating record revenues in current months.

For instance, product trader Trafigura paid its highest-ever dividends for its 2022/2023 fiscal year, after publishing another record-high earnings in the middle of unpredictable markets.

Trafigura, among the greatest independent oil and product traders on the planet, stated in its 2022/2023 outcomes previously this month that its net earnings leapt to about $7.4 billion for the year to September 30, 2023, up from $7 billion for the previous , which was the then-record-high earnings for the independently owned trading group.

Trafigura paid $5.9 billion in dividends to around 1,200 of its magnates and traders, who have actually gotten big incomes over the previous 2 years as product trading homes profited of high volatility in the energy and metals product markets.

” Extraordinary incomes were accomplished throughout the very first half of the year as our groups offered important services to our clients in interfered with energy markets and caught chances in an unstable environment,” Trafigura stated.

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