How Tech Monopolies Forming AI Policy and Guard Their Thrones

The unfolding landscape of A.I. and the covert hazard that may be flying under your radar. In this video, we explore the world of A.I. with a concentrate on public interest and the looming hazard of monopolies. Picture a circumstance where just a few significant gamers– Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta, and Microsoft– hold the reins of control over whatever. Join us as we dissect their collaborations, financial investments, and a variety of acquisitions, exposing a technique of getting prospective rivals or forming alliances that eventually approve them supremacy. See how these entities team up to strengthen their monopolies, drawing parallels to the techniques utilized in markets like pharmaceuticals and media. Stay notified about the detailed web these tech giants are weaving and get insights into the wider ramifications for the future of A.I. and development. #AI #MonopolyThreat #TechGiants


0:00 Monopolies
1:40 AI In The General Public
4:01 Deep Pockets
5:05 Meta Makes It Possible For Amazon
5:48 Competitors Is Bad
8:50 Market Cap vs GDP’s
11:10 Leading Lobby Spenders
14:33 Get Your Method



Report|AI in the general public Interest: Facing the Monopoly Danger– Open Markets Institute

OMI+AI+R eport+ WEB.pdf (,and%20the%20Department%20of%20Justice

Who wins in the fight in between country states and Huge Tech? (

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