An American in Paris: A New Collection for Beni Carpets by Colin King

Is NYC-based designer and stylist Colin King taking control of the world (the style world, a minimum of)? We’re presently appreciating his brand-new line of carpets for Beni Carpets, particularly as shown in the artist Andre Saraiva’s modernist home in a 17th-century structure on the Places des Vosges in Paris. “The 11-piece collection, called A Research Study on Balance, includes easy geometric kinds, and checks out the crossway in between Japanese visual appeals, concepts, and craft on French art, architecture, and style,” as King states on his site.

Photography by Billal Taright.

colin king beni rugs 4
Above: The interior architecture was created by the famous late English designer Richard Rogers

colin king beni rugs 11
Above: The Labyrinth carpet has a combination of Oat and Rinsed red.
colin king beni rugs 2
Above: The Doors carpet includes irregular black lines converging on a field of warm Oat.
colin king beni rugs 1
Above: The City Structures style in Indigo, Dusty Cornflower, Oat, and Mocha is a play on the city horizon.
colin king beni rugs paris 1
Above: A wall-mounted Doors carpet.

colin king beni rugs 7
Above: The City Structures style in a bed room setting.

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