ADU 01177: Can you Lawfully Fly Drones In National Parks?

Today’s program has to do with flying drones in National Parks.

Back in January, United States Filmmaker Gordon Rate took legal action against U.S. Attorney general of the United States William Barr. The controversial problem was the charges that Gordon needed to pay to shoot in a National forest. The result of this case left lots of in the drone market puzzled, and questioning if they can or can not fly in National Parks with the right allows.

On today’s program, we break down the result of this civil lawsuit to expose what it suggests for the drone market. You will find out whether this court judgment has actually reversed the June 2014 memo which forbade drones from flying in National Parks. In addition to drone photography and videography, we likewise expose the effect of this case result on still photography and videography.

  • A Few Of the other concerns that we address on this program:
  • Does this brand-new court judgment impact both Part 107 and leisure pilots?
  • Can drone pilots fly in the wilderness location?
  • What is “low-impact” shooting? Is low-impact shooting allowable in National Parks?

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  • [03:35] Can you movie in national forests with a photography allow?
  • [05:10] Join us for our 3D interactive modeling class
  • [08:25] Today’s concern has to do with flying drones in national forests
  • [09:29] Rate vs. Barr– Filmmaker takes legal action against the federal government over “unconstitutional” license charges
  • [10:10] According to the assistance launched by the NPS on Feb 22, shooting activities are permitted if you have an authorization
  • [12:27] How does this court judgment effect drone pilots and ground professional photographers?
  • [14:30] Do drones fall under the low-impact shooting classification? What effect does this judgment have on drone pilots?
  • [16:43] Does this brand-new judgment reverse the June 2014 memo which forbade drone pilots from flying in National Parks?
  • [19:20] Comprehending the “low effect shooting” classification and all associated exceptions; do drones fall in the “low-impact” classification?
  • [24:40] What about connected drones? Can you fly connected drones over National Parks?
  • [27:55] Can drone pilots lawfully fly in the wilderness locations?
  • [30:30] Does this brand-new judgment allow videographers to fly in National Parks while forbiding still professional photographers/
  • [32:00] Can you fly your drone over National Parks as long as you remove and land from non-NPS land?

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