SEA pegs mustard production at 111.83 lakh tonnes

The Solvent Extractors’ Association of India (SEA) anticipates the production of mustard at 111.83 lakh tonnes (lt) for the 2022-23 season.

In his regular monthly letter to the members of the SEA of India on Monday, Ajay Jhunjhunwala, President of SEA, stated the RMSI Cropanalytics Pvt Ltd, which had actually performed rape-mustard price quote for 2022-23 in March, had actually approximated overall crop 115.25 lt. Mentioning that the unseasonal rain throughout March affected the crop, he stated the modified and last yield of the crop production has actually been approximated at 111.83 lt.

Rates listed below MSP.

Revealing issues over mustard rates ruling listed below the MSP (minimum assistance cost), he stated the mustard cost is presently ruling at 5,100 a quintal in the farming fruit and vegetables marketing committee (APMC) backyards. Nevertheless, the farmers get just 4,600- 4,700 a quintal on hand after subtracting APMC lawn tax and other charges. APMC lawn rates of mustard continue to rule listed below the MSP of 5,450 a quintal for the season regardless of the federal government’s relocate to acquire the oilseeds from the farmers.

Mentioning that the federal government is intending to increase mustard production in the nation to 200 lt by 2025-26, he stated the Centre has actually increased mustard MSP by over 1,000 a quintal over the last 4 years. In addition, high crop rates throughout sowing duration motivated farmers to broaden the location under mustard. “Sadly, at the time of harvesting, cost has actually fallen much listed below the MSP. The farmers hesitate to cost such low rates and are considerably dissuaded. This might result in a lower location under soyabean in the occurring kharif season and mustard in the rabi season,” Jhunjhunwala stated.

He hoped that the federal government companies such as Nafed and Hafed step up their procurement of mustard seed at MSP and develop a buffer stock for any most likely possibility due to El Nino impacting the oilseed crop.

El Nino possibilities.

India Meteorological Department (IMD) has actually anticipated a moderate El Nino decreasing monsoon rains in India this year. The Environment Forecast Centre of United States has actually forecasted that there is a 60 percent possibility of El Nino embeding in throughout May-July and increasing to 70 percent throughout June-August. He stated this might impact maize, soyabean and rice production in India.

On the castor crop study, he stated AgriWatch carried out castor crop study on behalf of the association. The very first price quote of 19.63 lt was come to throughout January-end, and it existed at the Castor Conference. The price quote was modified downward to 19.06 lt in March.

Mentioning that AgriWatch has actually sent the last report, he stated the overall all-India castor crop has actually been approximated at 18.81 lt for 2022-23 versus 16.94 lt in the previous year.


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