ADU 01204: RTK vs PPK GPS – Which is the very best Choice for You?

Today’s program is everything about 2 GPS correction innovations– RTK and PPK (Post Processed Kinematic GPS). Particularly, which is the very best, most flexible alternative for drone pilots and when they can select one over the other.

Our caller for today, Trevor from Australia is uncertain whether he needs to opt for RTK or PPK GPS.

To assist Trevor, we re-visit the fundamentals of these GPS innovations. We then continue to talk about the optimal flying environment for RTK and PPK, and the various aspects that you need to think about when selecting one over the other.

Other subjects talked about on today’s program consist of precision, the advantages and disadvantages of Aeropoints, and some specialist pointers for countering ecological difficulties.

You do not wish to miss this information-packed program. Take pleasure in!

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  • [0:59] Have a look at our in-person trainings and upcoming experience training (an unique training consisting of flight proficiency, complex 3D modelling, advanced aerial videography and far more)
  • [05:30] Today’s concern has to do with PPK vs. RTK GPS
  • [07:04] Comprehending your drone, its abilities and constraints
  • [09:04] The 3 Aspects impacting the precision in photogrammetry
  • [10:24] Drone U Recommended RTK and PPK GPS options
  • [13:12] The very best environment for RTK
  • [15:01] RTK vs PPK– we expose the applications best-suited for both innovations
  • [16:43] The very best flying environment for PPK
  • [17:46] Is Aeropoints a great alternative for drone pilots? Going over the advantages and disadvantages
  • [20:11] In which situations do pilots choose PPK over RTK?
  • [21:58] Normally speaking, is RTK the much better alternative of the 2?
  • [24:36] RTK or PPK– which is the more precise alternative?
  • [28:32] Paul summarize today’s program
  • [29:22] Take A Look At Drone U landing pads today

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